What the Parents Say

"Over the past ten years, my three children have risen through the ranks of PAG.

As a home schooling family, PAG has been an integral element of their education. My two daughters have gone on to receive degrees in music and performance. PAG remains my son's home away from home and a vital part of his social life.

As a vocal coach for PAG and a performer myself, PAG is a family affair! I applaud Mila, Paulette, and Beverly for everything they have done for the children of Nevada County."

Yvette Cadeaux

"Our family has been involved with PAG for over 7 years. I can't say enough about how wonderful this program is.Self confidence, a spirit of cooperation and sense of community are all to be gained by participating in PAG - and not just for the actors!

Mila and Paulette do an amazing job transforming eclectic groups of young people into teams of polished performers. I have personally seen several shy or reserved children blossom into expressive, confident young people. Meaningful friendships are formed and life skills are acquired during this creative process.

I would highly recommend this theater group! Try it, even if it's out of your comfort zone, you won't be disappointed!"

Kim La Plante

"My daughter has been in PAG for the past 2 years and she loves and enjoys every minute of it. She has become more self-confident, responsible, and has improved so much with her performing skills. She has made many friends and enjoys the connection with all of the other students.

Mila and Paulette are so supportive and do an amazing job putting the plays together perfectly. Mila is so talented and creative with all the shows that she creates and produces.

All of the students put so much work and practice into every production and always appear so proud after each performance."

Glenda Feece

"I cannot tell you enough how Much my family loves PAG!

Both my daughters have learned confidence, acting skills, and friends for a lifetime! PAG is like a family to us. Mila and Paulette are wonderful mentors for my children. Not to mention the passion they have for changing the lives of every young actor that walks through PAG's door!

We're so thankful that we are a part of such an amazing team."

Lynette Bulick

"It takes a kid to understand a kid. I think that is the secret of Mila’s success. Her enthusiasm for life is as infectious as a young child’s.

Having watched a large number of her productions over the years, I have always been impressed both by their quality and the fun that the children had in participating, mine included.

Mila has a gift in creating and designing productions that children of all ages can relate to."

Roger Hodgson

"I have had two children participate in the PAG program for over 8 years combined.

Not only does PAG help them with public speaking and confidence, it teaches them self-discipline, life skills, and the ability to be team players. In my opinion, the most important skill they have learned is self-discipline, which carries over into their personal lives as well as their academic achievements and a strong work ethic.

It has been a joy for them performing for others with confidence and they will cherish forever the connections they have made with their PAG "family" of friends. Thank you, Mila and Paulette!"

Karen Busse

"My daughter, Crystal, grew up in PAG and has performed in several productions. She is currently in a music major with an emphasis on composing at a prestigious college. I attribute her exposure in the PAG musicals to where she is now.

She also received a full ride to this four year University because of her musical skills."

Alice Stanfill

"PAG is an amazing experience for families in Nevada County. My daughter has grown so much as a result of her PAG experience. She has gained confidence, work ethic, positive self expression and responsibility all while having a blast! It is so exciting to see these young actors put so much work into what turns out to be an epic performance time and time again.

Thanks for integrating our family into this artistic community."

Tara Stoltenberg